Two European locations where surf during Summer: Hossegor and Somo

di Erika Scafuro


Whether you are a pro or an enthusiastic surfer at the beginning, what you have in common is the desire to chase the waves wherever they are.
During Summer there are two European locations, above all, that thanks to the power of the Atlantic Ocean don’t stop to let surfers ride waves but also to live unforgettable holidays: Hossegor and Somo.



Soorts-Hossegor, known as Hossegor, is a little town located in south west France in the Landes department of New Aquitaine, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean whose waters form the famous homonymous marine Lake.
Nowdays called “the European surf capital”, Hossegor welcomes every year surfers from all over the world for riding its waves. This is the right place where breathe the culture of surf, it has been discovered as a spot around ‘70s and ‘80s and soon it has started hosting international competitions.

In Hossegor you will find the perfect conditions to spend the best time surfing choosing the spot, as La Gravière, depending on the tide and ocean conditions, along the seven km of the beach.

And if you are looking for a place where to stay on holiday, TFR Hossegor Surfhouse ( can be the solution: it offers private and shared rooms into a big house immersed in the forest, the best place where you can recharge energies between a surf session to another, enjoy bbq at sunset and make new friends sharing the same passion and way of life under the Summer sky.



Moving to Spain, instead, you find the Cantabrian village of Somo. Take your board, step on the soft sand of the long beach and run towards the Atlantic Ocean: this spot awaits you from sunrise to sunset offering uninterrupted surfing sessions.

Playa de Somo is like a playground for everyone loves to surf, whatever your level is; it is the reference place in Spain, where everything revolves around surfing with schools, camps, shops and accommodation.

Summer days are perfect to fully experience the atmosphere of Somo, the waves are perfect to all the level of riding, the day is splitted according to the tide alternation of high and low.
The high sun until late evening will make you linger in the Ocean or linger on the soft sand…waiting to attend one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life.

It will be not the only experience you will have in Somo because you cannot miss to feel all the positive vibes of a surf holiday: a tip for your stays in Somo is Wolfhouse ( where you can share time with people who will become like a family, chilling after surf sessions and enjoying parties.

When in Somo don’t miss t take the ferry boat to Santander and to have a sightseeing of this city that combines is two souls: modern and historical; live the slow rhythms of every day until the night comes and its streets come alive with young people and the smell of tasty tapas and pinchos.
Summer is going on and waves are waiting for you, you just have to organize your surfing holiday. See you in Hossegor and Somo!


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