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If your name is Tosh Tudor, you are the son of the surf legend Joel who, and a few months ago at the age of 45, achieved the title of World Longboard Champion, it’s inevitable that you too are destined to become a surfing legend too.

It’s certain that recklessness has been passed down genetically along with talent since we saw Tosh tackle the dangerous Pipeline tubes as early as age fourteen. When Joel isn’t in the water with Tosh, he’s watching from the shore, and we can imagine how proudly he follows his son’s exploits in the waves at home in Del Mar, California, or among the tubes of the North Shore.

Nowadays that Tosh is almost eighteen he already represents the new generation of surfers, a promising young man who leaves spellbound anyone who watches him gliding on the waves. Whether it is seeing Tosh dancing on the water aboard a longboard or maneuvering on a shortboard, above all it is extraordinary that Tosh’s ease in switching from one board to another while maintaining his harmonious style and showing the confidence of someone who grew up among the waves; watching the videos the risk is to remain enchanted in front of such skill, precision and elegance moves that it really seems that his father has passed on to him his unmistakable mastery in surfing.

Putting in the shoes of Joel Tudor it is certainly funny to surf with your teenager son, but on the other hand, how do you handle his exposure to danger in tubes like Pipeline’s?! Joel doesn’t seem at all worried, in an interview he has declared that obviously as a parent your children are your life and protecting them is your priority, but at the same time Tosh has always shown a willingness to surf, this is what he wants to do.

Tosh not only surfs with his father, but together they also have many projects related to the surf industry under their belt. It’s a privilege that a father and son can share such a strong passion for surfing and stand by each other’s side as they glide harmoniously over the waves with their surfboards.

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