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After attending the first stop of the WSL World Longboard Tour, Men’s and Women’s, which was held in Manly Beach – Sidney – from 16 to 24 May, the wait for the second event of the competition has ended.

Top professional longboarders will compete in the iconic Huntington Beach spot, in California, from the 3rd to 7th of August; this second competition of the WSL World Longboard Tour, named VANS Duct Tape Invitational, will be a part of the VANS Duct Tape Festival: an event in which the entire international surfing community is called to participate and celebrate the whole surf culture, it is also an opportunity to share tradition and innovation through the presence of the world’s best shapers.

Longboard Tour represents an opportunity to show the public the creativity and expression of this style of surfing, which undoubtedly harkens back to its origins and most legendary moments. Starting with the venue hosting the second stop of the WSL Longboard Tour, Huntington Beach is the quintessential surfing spot.

Located 35 miles south of Los Angeles, the city owes its name to the very long sandy beach in front of which the ocean knows how to express itself at its best with truly exceptional waves. It is in Huntington that the history of surfing finds some of its deepest roots: in 1914 the surfer George Freeth was the first to surf in this place. A few years after, with the legendary Duke Kahanamoku, Huntington Beach became a real surfing spot and it was one of the first to host a surf contest in the 1950s, so much so that it is still held in Huntington Beach today the U.S. Open of Surfing. As is also the case this year from July 30 to August 7, with the fourth round of the Challenger Series.



Can you understand why Huntington’s waves represents a truly unique thrill for all the surfers?

In order to follow the second world competition of Longboard Tour at its best, let’s refresh our memory by recalling the rankings of the participating surfers. Currently in Men’s first position there is the Australian Harrison Roach, followed by Ben Skinner and Kaniela Stewart.  While for Women’s the first place is held by the Hawaiian Honolua Blomfield, followed by Chloe Calmon and Soleil Errico.

The VANS Duct Tape Invitational is about to begin and we are looking forward to enjoying the heats and the excellent performances of all the longboarders, cheering on our surfer João Dantas and waiting to tell us how this second stop of the Longboard Tour went.

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