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Portugal is the European country that, most of all, makes every surfer happy. Why? Because here you can find the best conditions to practice surf. From the north to the south of the country there are spots suitable for all the levels, practicable throughout the year. Still pristine landscapes with cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, bays of fine and golden beaches that welcome surfers before and after the session.



The surroundings of Porto are the least known, but equally considerable for having fun with the waves. Praia de Leça, for example, is located north of the city and it can be a good spot to get a taste of the ocean waves.

The center of Portugal is without doubt the most frequented by surfers who come from all over the world, also for hosting international surfing competitions. We have already talked about Nazaré, this spot is made for brave surfers who want to challenge the giant waves



Further south of 20 km we find Peniche, a tourist village known by surfers for Supertubos. This is the name by which Medão Grande beach is best known: it offers the perfect scenario for tube-shaped waves suitable for experienced surfers who find a European Pipeline here.

And what about Ericeira and its charm of this fishing town, become a place frequented by all those who are in search of the perfect wave. Ericeira was recognized in 2011 as a World Surfing Reserve, it boasts a coastline of 8 km along you can get some various spots both for beginners and advanced surfers. Praia de Ribeira de Ilhas can be one of them.


Moving towards Lisbon
, you come across the cliffs which dominate the coast of Estoril, part of the Sintra- Cascais Natural Park. In Praia do Guincho nature has shaped a breathtaking landscape, to surf here can be a great privilege to ride perfect waves while admiring this stunning view. Praia de Carcavelos is a crowded beach as well as a surfing spot too.

Finally we reach the southern region of Portugal, Algarve. With its Mediterranean climate, its long beaches and the waves coming strong with the northern currents, this is the perfect place to surf all over the year. In the Vicentine coast, the most pristine, we can mention the village of Carrapateira with its wild Praia do Amado where a constant wind blows and the waves are such great. Another spot particularly appreciated by surfers is Praia do Castelejo, characterized by black slate cliffs.

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