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Christmas is one of the best opportunities to give something useful and desired. However, not all people have clear ideas about what to give to those who practice surfing or have a strong passion for this sport.
Don’t know you where to start? No problem, we thought to give you a list of ideal gifts to put under the Christmas tree of anyone who shares a passion for surfing. Are you ready to take notes?



    • At the top of the list there can only be Bear! There is no surfer in the world who does not want to ride the waves on a custom board, made by the best shapers, which marks the tradition of this historic brand.
      And of course, once out of the water, there is a whole warm clothing to wear which gives to surfers the chance to feel always in a surf mood also out of the water: hoodies, t-shirts, jackets but also accessories like beanies, caps…various possibilities for a gift that will make happy any surfer or aspiring surfer.


    • Surfcamps are always a great gift for those who loves to travel and surfing. Distinguished according to the level of skills, there are many opportunities to take part in this awesome experience that allows to catch the best waves around the world. Surfcamp is the gift to be given itself and to give if you want to involve a loved one and make them try a first approach to surfing. Fun will be guaranteed!


    • Wetsuits, leashes, ponchos, socks…These are all indispensable elements for every surfer and that, even if they already have them, must be renewed. With these accessories you go without fail!


    • Surfboards bags are essential to take care of own surfboard while carrying it to the sea or durings trips and flights.


    • Whether it’s the first wave ride or an aerial maneuver with the colors of the sunset in the background, every moment captured with the camera deserves a print. Let’s transform the best shots into posters, prints on different materials or simple photos to frame and hang on the house walls.


  • Did you ever think about a changing wetsuit mat? This is the best solution to be able to change without sinking your feet in the sand or placing them on the asphalt of the road and at the same time folding the wet suit inside.

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