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It seems almost superfluous to have to remember that in the water there are very precise rules for all those who practice surfing. But, unfortunately, it happens more and more often to meet people who don’t know the basic principles of good behavior in and out of the water. This happens when those who choose to approach surfing do so without taking lessons or without relying on the advice of those who are more experienced. Already in themselves the conditions of the sea, the winds and the current are unpredictable and require a certain amount of experience, if you add the dangers that can result from the carelessness of other people, you risk ruining the fun of a session. Accidents occur frequently, more or less serious; your safety and the safety of others may be at risk if there are people who do not know how to behave with the surfboard.
It is therefore necessary to share those simple unwritten rules. If we all respect them, we will find ourselves out in the line-up with the right spirit to enjoy our beloved waves. Here there are a few simple tips.

  • If you are planning to try surfing for the first time, rely on the experience of a surf coach who can give you some lessons. Ask the locals if a particular spot is really suitable for your skills, there may be dangers that you do not know such as the type of bottom, very strong currents etc…
  • Before entering the water do some warm up and breathing exercises. Then observe the space around you and look for fixed points that, once in the water, you can always have as reference.
  • Always tie your ankle to the leash so you always have your surfboard handy.
  • When you go or you come back to the line up you have to make a wide turn in order to leave free space to whoever is on the peak and is going to catch a wave.
  • Stop paddle to take off if you see that another surfer is already on the wave. Give way to the surfer who first stands on the surfboard.
  • Maintain appropriate behavior both in and out of the water, respecting your surroundings and having fun. Don’t litter and, if you can, share the journey to the spot with some of your friends.

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