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When you grow up surfing Pipeline wave, the most famous in the world, it’s easy that you will become a legend. And that is what John John Florence did.



Hawaii native, Florence was born in 1992 in Oahu island and he started to surf in North Shore since he was very little because his mother, a surfer, pushed him and his brothers to do it.
At the age of five years old Florence receives his first surf board and the public learned to know him early when he rode the Pipeline wave at the age of eight. After taking part in various contests and events Florence made the history of surf: in 2011 he became the youngest winner of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.
In 2016 John John Florence wins WSL Men’s Championship Tour and he fulfills the dream of becoming a surf World Champion. One year later he takes the crown again and this allows him to become a member of elite club: surfers who won the title of WSL Men’s Championship Tour for two consecutive years as Mark Richards,Tom Carroll, Tom Curren and Andy Irons.

The little boy who used to collect posters of his heroes Kelly Slater and Andy Irons, had become a surfing legend himself. Florence has been able to tame the ocean in the most extreme conditions, he spent his childhood challenging the frightening Pipe wave and he has been able to create his own style made by aerial maneuvers.


@foto by Kapowski


Florence is not only a pro surfer, few years ago he started to explore the Ocean in another way and he started to sail. Today it is increasingly common to see him at the helm of a sailboat and, following his interests as photography and filmmaking, he is involved in a lot of projects. The last one is titled Vela and is a four episodes series about a sailing trip that Florence did with his crew in Hawaii Islands, Pacific Ocean, Palmyra Atoll and Washington Island and Fanning Island.

In the seven episodes of Twelve series, instead, Florence tells himself without hiding even the most intimate aspects of his personality as friends, goals, dreams, dark moments, falls.

John John Florence is a very creative man, in 2015 he also directed with Blake Kueny his film View From a Blue Moon that shows Florence’s surf career since he was a child, how the environment in which he grew up let him to become who he is.


@foto by Francisco Morais

Following John’s Instagram account, more than one million followers, you can see how much hobbies he has; attentive to the protection of the ocean and the environment, John also likes to grow products from his garden and to make his own honey.

John John Florence is a great example for how he makes his life full even outside of surfing.

@foto in cover by Francisco Morais

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