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Have you ever thought of Denmark as one of the European surfing paradise? If you have always linked this country to words like hygge, Little Mermaid and Lego, you will have to change your mind to the sound of “Cold Hawaii”.



This is in fact the name given to the coast of Denmark between Agger Tange and Hanstholm, in North Jutland. The reason is simple. Along this Danish land lapped by the cold waters of the North Sea, you can ride the best waves, as if you were in Hawaii. Although the weather conditions are different from the Hawaiian Islands, in Cold Hawaii surfers can test their skills with huge waves and a lashing wind while they are surrounded by a wild and awesome nature of National Park Thy.
Imagine fishing villages, sandy beaches with the colors of the sunset, surfers barefoot walking on wooden piers taking the surfboards, the wind that blows and draws the waves of the sea. This is how the Cold Hawaii look like, especially the small fishing village of Klitmøller, the main and the best known spot.
This area was discovered almost forty years ago when some Danish surfers decided to settle down. Little by little the Cold Hawaii began to make itself known as a surfing community. Today in Klitmøller the surf culture is predominant. Events, festival as Surfjoint, surf schools, shops, everything is developed around the surfing.



The wind is the fundamental element to make Klitmøller a well-suited location for who loves surfing and its different disciplines as windsurf, kitesurf and stand up paddle. The best conditions to surf in Klitmøller occur during Winter months when a west – southwest swell combines with southwest winds. Klitmøller is a spot suitable for beginners and above level surfers.
Nørre Vorupør, in the middle of the coast of Cold Hawaii, is a famous Danish surf spot which offers many opportunities for surfing enthusiasts. Characterized by the long pier that stands out on the North Sea.
In the southernmost part of Cold Hawaii the village Agger Tange gives the best surfing experience thanks to the right conditions of the spot and a sandy sea bed.
Denmark is a country where the call of nature and adventure is very strong. Surfing can be the great way to know this country.

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