G Dolphin


The “G Dolphin” is a suggested surfboard for a knee to head high surf.
This first hybrid has born by the perfect mix of two outlines.
The classic curve of our “San Onofre” twin fin makes the frontside surf more easy, fast and smooth.
In the backside the quad set-up generates speed and control, perfect to attack the wall with all your power and style.


Jacopo Causa aka CJ Surfboards
Born in Varazze but turned away in a early age to chase his love for surfing and surfboards building.
Standing out for his style that mixes fresh outlines of performance surfboards with classic and retro concepts has been hosted in many shaping rooms.
Firstly in Australia, meeting point for best shapers that inspired CJ’s works, the California Republic came straight after.
The French coast of Hossegor and the Portuguese cold waters have been home for his evolution.

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