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The second event of the WSL World Longboard Tour has just concluded. The VANS Duct Tape Invitational, Us Open of Surfing, was held in Huntington Beach from the 3rd to 7th of August. Of course we cheered for our Longboard Tour Surfer João Dantas, who has shown his strength and determination defending the 17th place he had already obtained during the first event of the WSL Longboard Tour.



Curious to know more about the background of this world competition and Joao’s California days, we asked him to tell us about it.


In a word, how was this second event of the WSL Longboard Tour?



Compared to the first stop, how did you feel this time?

«I felt good for being there and to have that opportunity. That’s the main thing. I also felt more comfortable before 1st heat and that was good!».



What was the most exciting moment?

«Watching the crowds arriving to the beach and all the structures the organization of the event put on for the athletes. It was the biggest surfing event I have ever been!».


Huntington Beach is the quintessential surfing spot. What did it mean to you to take part in this world event in such a special place for surfing?

«You can really feel a different vibe when you get there. The waves are not so good compared to the other California points but the in Huntington Beach you can really “breathe” that surfing lifestyle».



What are your personal highlights of this second event of WSL Longboard Tour?

«The result was not what I was looking for but the experience of being in the biggest surfing event in the world and have the opportunity to perform on the highest level and have fun during all event was incredible! I will never forget this trip. Thank you Bear Surfboards for supporting me through my surfing adventures!».

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