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Certainly one day a year is not enough to remember how the ocean, and those who inhabit it, is an asset to be respected and preserved.
But as of June 8 1992 on the occasion of the world conference on the environment held in Rio De Janeiro, it was decided to dedicate a world day to the Ocean, so that everyone can celebrate its existence and reflect on the importance it has in our lives.
Every year on June 8 the World Oceans Day wants to raising awareness of how necessary it is to act for the sake of our planet. The ocean is an indispensable source of energy: it produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, it covers over 70% of the planet. The ocean is a symbol of life, home to many species of animals and organisms, from the best known to the lesser known.



For this reason it is our duty to preserve and take care of this fundamental resource for the lives of all of us.
Every year the ocean is faced with the result of human negligence: tons of trash and plastic that damage the seabed and compromise the lives of fish and other animal species that inhabit it. The pandemic has obviously complicated the issue, the plastic and metals with which the masks are made, and which are not disposed of properly, ends up in our marine waters.
Despite the fact that there is an increasing number of concrete actions, athletes and famous people who are fighting in support of the environment and the oceans, the topic of sustainability is really a priority for the health of all of us.



Documentaries, movies, conferences, debates, articles raise awareness of the sustainability issue to sensitize especially future generations to responsible behavior. An example of this is the recent Oscar award for best documentary My Octopus teacher, of Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed and Craig Foster, that tells a story of friendship between a filmmaker and an octopus in its natural habitat.
World Oceans Day is an annual event that dedicates, all over the world, initiatives to remind people how necessary it is to become aware of individual actions for the good of the planet.




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