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You hear more and more about it. And more and more are the people who have already tried it. Surf pools are the phenomenon of the moment.
What is a wave pool specifically? It is an amusement park for surfers: a structure with a swimming pool where artificial waves, similar to those of the sea, are generated.
The wave pools allows to have fun catching waves trying a surfing experience those who live in the city, in places far from the sea or for those who do not have time to leave at the first sign of a swell.



Everyone can enjoy these surfing pools: they are suitable for all the levels of riding. In a wave pool you can find coaches who teach you, just as if you were on the ocean shore or you can use it for training or to improve your skills if you are already a good surfer, trying maneuvers and enhancing your style.
How does a wave pool works? Although not all of them relied on the same company operating in this sector, their system is based on reproducing the energy of a natural wave through a sophisticated technology as well as setting different wave types, shape, timing and speed.



Obviously the sustainability aspect of the environment cannot be neglected, for this reason the wave pools are built with systems that exploit rainwater or water from natural basins.
The phenomenon of wave pools is becoming so popular that the construction of new facilities is continuously growing.
The lady of the surf pools probably remains the one wanted by Kelly Slater, his Surf Ranch, built in 2015; but in Europe there are several locations which count a wave pool and many are under construction or planned.
The fun is guaranteed for everyone! A day outdoors, perhaps in the company of friends, devoting himself to what we most passionately.

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