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Her Instagram bio reads: wave dancer. This is how Victoria Vergara defines herself. Dancing on the waves is in fact what she does very well being a longboard champion; but not only because, when she is not busy with the waves, she parades along the catwalks of the most famous fashion brands.

Native of La Réunion, the French little island in the south west of Indian Ocean, Victoria spends most of her time in Europe, especially in France where she divides her time between Biarritz and Hossegor, where she lives. Obviously when she’s not busy traveling for her modeling work, which, scrolling through her Instagram page, seems to engage her quite a bit: we saw her walk the runway for Missoni at the last Milan Fashion Week.


Dancing on the waves with her longboard has undoubtedly allowed her to cultivate the elegance and style that she has been able to use to pose during photo shoots for well-known brands in the world of fashion or to appear on the covers of the most famous fashion magazines.

However, the ocean remains Victoria’s favorite place to be, having grown up between Reunion and New Caledonia, she has been accustomed to paradisiacal places with clear water and an explosion of all the beauty of nature. Victoria stated that she learned to swim before she learned to walk. Surfing has always been the biggest passion of her family, her parents have been bringing her closer to the surf since she was a child – she started with the bodyboard of her father. At the age of 12 she began her career as longboarder and reach the goal of become a professional surfer, she started to win contests, compete in the events. She entered the WSL Longboard Tour at seventeen reaching very important goals, prominent ranking positions and the victory at Longboard Pro Vieux Boucau in 2015. Her last world tour competitions were in 2017, probably Victoria wanted to take a break from the events to also manage other work projects both as a professional surfer and as a model.

She is always very present on her Instagram account, followed by over 200 thousand people, where she shares her routine, but especially her healthy lifestyle, her greatest passions and workouts. Every photo sparkles with her smile, like the one she shows off every time she dances on her beloved waves.


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