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Waiting to attend, hopefully as soon as possible, again to surfing competitions, we had a look at the WSL Women’s Championship Tour ranking where the names of three women stand out among those of all professional female surfers: at the moment they are the strongest. They have passed difficult tests, worked hard and competed to the last to reach the score and get their position, traveling for a year around the world to participate in the scheduled ten events of the WSL Championship Tour.

Let’s focus on the top female surfers who allowed their dreams to come true.
Carissa Moore was crowned world surf champion for winning of WSL Women’s Championship Tour on 2nd December 2019 in Maui, this is her fourth world title (she conquered the previous ones in 2011, 2013 and 2015).
Born in 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Carissa started surfing thanks to her father’s teachings when she was five years old; watching “Riss”, a RedBull film released just last month, we can observe the determination of this woman into become a surf phenomenon when we see Carissa as a child speak in the videocamera and confidently say she wants to become a pro surfer.
Carissa balances her surfing career with family, she lives with her husband Luke and their dogs, and she spreads love through “Moore Aloha”. This is a non – profit Foundation whose mission is to inspire, and empower young girls to share, in and out the water, the values as to live authentic, fearless and in a compassionate way.

Carissa earned first place of the WSL Women’s Championship Tour ranking, winning over Caroline Marks who is now in second place.
Born in 2002, Caroline’s career took off so fast, she won national and international awards, at 15 years old she became the youngest surfer who qualified for the Women’s Championship Tour and in 2018 she has been named WSL Rookie of the year.
Supported first of all by her large family, she has five siblings, Caroline began to show her surfing talent in San Clemente, California, where her family moved from Florida.

Lakey Peterson, third place in the ranking, brings with her the sun and positive vibes of California, Santa Barbara, from which she is native. Like Carissa and Caroline, Lakey started surfing early, also if she spent some years of her childhood competing on the tennis courts before establishing herself in the surf world at the age of 11 (she is born in 1994).
Within a short time she showed her surfing skills, Lakey has been the first girl to pull an aerial maneuver during a competion, she was 14 years old.
She has distinguished herself soon as a pro surfer, she has always maintained great performances and achieved excellent results.

Surely these three women athletes will continue to give us emotions, thanks to their tenacity and strength, but above all to the positivity and the values they spread.


@foto by Pedro Szekely

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