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WSL competitions are taking place again after the forced stop due to the Covid -19 pandemic and currently we find Tyler Wright at fourth place in the Women’s Championship Tour after she began the year at first place obtaining, last December, the victory at Pipeline during the first event of the WSL Tour. The Australian two-time World Champion has resumed the tour in the best way. We will see in the next events of the championship how Tyler will deal with her competitors. But there is no doubt that Tyler knows how to face challenges, after those outdated in her life when the wait of last year added to the forced break she had in 2018.

In that time Tyler had to withdraw from the Tour for an year after having contracted an influence that left her very hard post – viral symptoms that debilitated her not only in her physique, but also mentally.
The return to surfing has been a long and fatiguing process that Tyler has done with all her strength back to compete in 2019.
On the other hand, since childhood, Tyler has proved to be a surfing prodigy. Born in Culburra Beach, a city of New South Wales, Australia, in a big surfing family of five children (her brothers Owen and Mikey became pro surfers too) her talent was immediately noticed.

At 14 years old Tyler became the youngest surfer to win a Championship Tour event at the Beachley Classic in Sydney.
However Tyler’s relationship with surfing has not always been positive, during her adolescence she suffered a lot the intense rhythms of the Tour. She had to face several challenges in life, including the time when the loss of a beloved uncle was added to his brother Owen illness.

That’s what gave her the strength to get back in the game and in 2016 Tyler conquests her first World Title. In 2017, one year later, she gets again the trophy.
In addition to being a world surfing champion, Tyler has always revealed her human side as a person.
She has always been careful to be a spokesman for the rights of various people. She knows how important can be her impact, so she makes her voice heard outside of surfing competitions.
Some months ago Tyler showed “Blacks lives Matter” writing on the bottom of her surfboard, reminding everyone of her will to fight against racism. But she asks also for equality for women, for the LGBTQ+ community.

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