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Surfing contains an important element related to the mind. There is in fact what we can call the philosophy of surfing, the concept according to which surfing can be compared to a spiritual experience. Surfing is seen by most people as an adrenaline sport, but when you start practicing it you understand how fundamental is the mental aspect connected to the movement of our body.

The ocean is nourishment, power, strength, awareness and the surfing puts you in close contact with all this. During a surfing session you do a mindfulness exercise: your mind is deeply connected with the body and there is nothing else except the present moment, be here and now. When you are in the water, waiting for a wave, the time is suspended and you live an experience in which you feel deeply free, that’s the joyful essence of surfing because every day spent surfing is the best day of your life.


There are several aspects related to what we can the philosophy of surfing:

  • When you surf you are part of the wave, after a session you feel the sensation of coming out of the ocean well and better than before. A positive change takes place inside of you. It’s like purifying yourself from negative energies to make room only for positive ones.
  • When you are waiting for a wave you deeply connect with what surrounds you. The power of nature: the sound of the ocean, the water consistency, the sunlight filtering. All this is the context in which a meditation on the here and now comes to life.
  • A surfing session is an escape from reality to experience something mystical. It is a time when our soul receives so much nourishment. it is such a spiritual moment that through gratitude for being surrounded by beauty your thoughts become prayers to the ocean.
  • Accepting failures and being humble. Accept that things don’t always go your way. You have to accept that waves are coming and that there will be many wipes out.

Discovering the philosophical aspect is one of the most fascinating aspects of surfing. Something that leads you to be better not only as a surfer, but also as an individual in everyday life.

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