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Exactly one year ago, on 19 December 2019, Italo Ferreira was crowned champion of 2019 WSL Men’s Championship Tour.
A trophy that Ferreira longed for a very long time, a goal that life wanted to grant to this man from the past really humble who still today does not flaunt his notoriety.
Italo Ferreira’s story teaches us how motivation and perseverance can lead to great results despite the conditions. Because this pro surfer from Baía Formosa, a little town faces the Ocean on the eastern tip of Brazil, grew up in a family with little financial means and he soon realized that surfing was the only chance for redemption for himself and his family.



Italo didn’t even have the money to buy a surfboard, his cousins lent him one to ride waves, until fate made him meet the surf scout and coach Luiz “Pinga” Campos – known for having discovered all the Brazilian talents – and Italo’s skills didn’t go unnoticed.

His natural talent combined with massive training led Ferreira, born in 1994, to achieve extraordinary results: 2009 is the year of his first season in WSL Men’s Qualifying Series, then he begins to place himself in the surf events until he gains popularity in 2015 when he is nominated Rookie of the Year.
During the competitions Italo began to stand out for his aerial maneuvers and today he is known as one of the most talented pro surfers for tricks between the waves. Watching him blow up together with his surfboard is an incredible spectacle that glues the audience’s gaze.


The contagious smile with which Italo shows himself to the fans does not betray the joy of who does what loves the most and has always believed in the strength of own dreams.
Although this 2020 was a year in which even the surfing events had to stop, Ferreira participated in the few races that could be held and
last 1sr of October he was declared Euro Cup champion 2020 in Portugal.
Now that a new WSL Men’s Championship Tour season begins, it is certain that Italo will do all he can to defend the title that crowned him surfing world champion just a year ago.

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