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The day of the finals of WSL Men’s and Women’s Longboard Tour 2022 has arrived. The third event of the WSL Longboard tour, after Sidney and Huntington Beach could only take place in Malibu.

West of Los Angeles, this Californian town represents the dream of surfers from all over the world who, since childhood, have imagined surfing its perfect waves. So imagine the excitement that the world’s best longboard surfers will feel as they, right here, from 3 to 13 October to compete for the world title at the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship. Among them is our Portuguese surfer João Dantas, who, at the end of the event, will tell us about the competition how it will have gone.



But now let’s take a moment to take stock of what happened in the first two events of the WSL Longboard Tour 2022. It started in May with the GWM Sidney Surf Pro WLT with which surfers showed off their skills by gliding over Manly Beach waves on their longboards. It quickly became apparent who, among the men and women, would hold the top positions in their respective rankings.

For the men, the victory went to a local, the Australian Harrison Roach followed by the British Ben Skinner and at the third place the Hawaiian Kaniela Stewart. The podium for women was reached in first place by the Hawaiian Honolua Blomfield, followed by Chloe Calmon (Brazil) and Soleil Errico (United States).

The WSL Longboard Tour 2022 second stop took place in Huntigton Beach, California. The Vans Duct Tape Invitational has been, in addition to a competition, a great event celebrating surfing. For the Men’s again a local achieved the victory: the first place went to the American Taylor Jensen, Kaniela Stewart kept the podium as second and then Justin Quintal (United States) earned the third place.

For Women’s, however, the victory went to Kelis Kaleopaa (Hawaii) who beat Honolua Blomfield followed by Rachael Tilly (United States).



Looking at the current international ranking, in the top five ranking Men’s WSL Longboard Tour there are, at the first place, Kaniela Stewart (Hawaii) followed by Harrison Roach (Australia); Taylor Jensen (United States); Ben Skinner (United Kingdom) and Declan Wyton (Australia).

While in the top five ranking Women’s WSL Longboard Tour we find as leaderboard the 3x WSL Longboard World Champion Honolua Blomfield (Hawaii); then Chloe Calmon (Brazil), Soleil Errico (United States), Rachael Tilly (United States) and Kelis Kaleopaa (Hawaii).

So the anticipation grows to know the World Men’s and Women’s Longboard Champion who will be crowned during the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship in Malibu.

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