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This year Tatiana Weston – Webb appeared very competitive and determined to finish the Women Championship Tour in a top position.

And in fact, after a hard battle against the champion Carissa Moore, Tatiana earned a 2nd place at the Women WSL Championship Tour 2021 finals held in San Clemente, California.
A great victory that is part of a process that has been going on since she was a kid and had the dream of becoming a professional surfer.
Born in Brazil, but raised in Kauai, Hawaii, since her childhood Tatiana has made many sacrifices to get what she wants supported by her parents who always encouraged her and believed in her dream.



What made Tatiana grow as a professional surfer were a surfing enthusiastic family, Tatiana’s mother has been a professional bodyboarder, and her Faith in God.
She has often talked about surfing as a beneficial for mental health and for feeling happy, how the surfing makes her a better person day by day. Tatiana, beyond race results, is focused on being a happy person and grateful for what she has in her life.
After being appointed Rookie of the Year in 2015, Tatiana has worked very hard to achieve extraordinary results finishing each year of the CT among the top ten professional surfers in the world.


Although she grew up in Hawaii, her connection to Brazil has always been powerful and still is today, that’s where the most important people in her life come from, her mother, her coach and her team, not least also her husband, the professional surfer Jesse Mendes.
For this reason she wanted to compete under the Brazilian flag and she represented the country at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

A curiosity about Tatiana concerns the fact that she starred in the film Soul Surfer when she was 11; she played as a stunt double of the surfer Bethany Hamilton.
When Tatiana was a child, she wrote her dream on the wall and she stared at it for a really long period of time. Now the wait is over since Tatiana has become a world top surfer.

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