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Summer is here and Cantabria is one of the best surfing destination. So why not take advantage of having an exceptional surf coach like Manu Mosteiro? Spanish surfer, Manu Mosteiro manages @mosteiro.surftraining which in addition to surf coaching also includes the launch of a project involving body wellness for surfers.

Sometimes Manu works as a model on some shooting as he took part in Bear Surfboards latest in Portugal, so we interviewed him and he told us about his connection to surfing.

How long have you been surfing and where did you learn to ride the waves?

«I have been surfing for 13 years now. At the beginning I was not excited about surfing and I preferred skateboarding, but there was a Summer with really good waves that I was going almost every day to surf with my friends, that was the moment when I got stuck. I learn to surf in the east part of Cantabria».


What does surfing mean to you?

«Tricky question, I could speak about this for hours but I am going to resume it saying that surfing is what gives meaning to life. Every time I go surfing I feel the luckiest human being in the world».

Surfing is a passion and a work, you are a surf coach. What is the best think of teaching? 

«Teaching surf is a really special thing because you can show the magic that is behind surfing to the other people. That’s the same reason why sometimes I got sad when I take a look to the surfing world, more a more people that is out of the surfing is trying to use it to make money without care about how they are doing it. There are a lot of strange things and feelings that sometimes it is hard to teach it to an average person. For that reason I think that is really important to do it with the right teacher, not anybody who surf and has a surf teacher certificate can do it properly».


Nature is part of your life, I saw on Instagram that you do hiking too. What kind of outdoor adventure do you like to do? Do you like to share with friends or to do on your own?

«Yes I love the mountains too, I love to do hiking and in the past I love to do trail running. What I love the most about mountains is to take self – sufficient adventures solo or with my friends around the mountains. Having a good time on the nature and connect with yourself».

Bear Surfboard shares values and concepts such as friendship, passion, freedom, adventure, respect, connection with nature…you are one of the rider who did the last shooting with Bear last March. Can you tell up about this experience?

«The experience was insane, all the people who work on the brand are awesome and I was lucky to met some good surfers on this experience. One of them, João Dantas, is now competing on the World Tour of longboarding. We had a really good time surfing and sharing moments during this special week».


What is the best surfing place in the world where you have surfed?

«Probably Indonesia is the place, land of gods and unbelievable waves».

How will you spend your Summer?

«This Summer I am back at my home, Cantabria. I will be working, meeting old friends and trying to film some surfing. I am also working at a mobility program for surfers that will be launched soon and it is going to help a lot of people to feel their bodies so much better. You can follow it at @mosteiro.surftraining. Cheers and have a nice Summer!».



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