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Among the surftrip locations there is above all a perfect one to reach in every season of the year: Lanzarote, the easternmost one of the seven Canary Islands.
Favoured by an exceptional climate that makes it one of the most popular destination for its waves, Lanzarote is the ideal place not only for surf lovers, but for all who can find their own dimension between the beach, outdoor and water sports or just for relax. The island is marked by a perfect scenario due to its volcanic origin which makes it even more attractive for its moon-like landscape that you can explore into Timanfaya National Park with stunning views on volcanos, until the coast overlooking the ocean that go down sandy or rocky beaches.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote is the perfect place for surfing, it has waves for every level, a lot of spots with different conditions and high water temperatures.
The island is popular with surfers especially during European winter months when oceanstorms and wind conditions create waves that may compete with the top surfing locations all over the world.

If you are beginner surfers Famara is the the place where you can start to become familiar with the power of the Ocean. Here you find surf schools and all the facilities to practice in a spot with sandy bottom. Only Famara counts nine spots, and every surfer is satisfied between right and left-handers waves, like San Juan.

Not far from Famara beach, if you are already surf experienced and you know the conditions of this spot very well, you can reach La Santa beach where you can ride the tubes of El Quemao whose power and danger of the rocks makes it a viable spot only for experts.



For those who love to take the waves without incurring too many dangers there is Playa de Atras, a sandy bottom spot at the north of Lanzarote.
On the east coast of the island we find instead Arrieta, a small village with a sandy beach that it can be also a spot for beginners surfers.
Lanzarote boasts many surf spots all to discover, in search of the most suitable conditions for you surf preparation and, while looking for it let yourself be carried away by the feeling of freedom that especially the islands are able to give, enjoying the sun and the warmth with which Lanzarote welcomes its visitors.

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