The Spring – Summer 2023 Bear collection aims to bring the new generation, and the nostalgic, to the brand’s philosophy by reconnecting them with memories of their youth. Carefreeness and Community are the values that feature the brand’s DNA.

The Bear clothing aims to pass on the brand’s values in a collection framed on two strands: iconic, easily identifiable with the bear, which immediately recalls the film “Big Wednesday”; future, designed to capture the attention of the new generations that can still share and be attracted by those immutable values of Community – Nature – Passion. The stylistic proposal therefore falls on the choice of prints that communicate with graphisms, almost tribal, a concept of belonging to metropolitan tribes that share a way of being and living. BEAR’s iconic colors are black, scarlet red and off-white, to which sand and earth colors are added. Strength, passion and fun are the emotions that the color palette wants to ignite in the customer!

The collection consists of t-shirts featuring graphics that echo the summer passions experienced at the beach through the depiction of the sea, waves and wind. The surfboards depicted convey the mood of the surfer waiting for the perfect wave to ride. The outdoor-inspired outerwear is designed to be ideal for evenings at the seaside or in the city. The clothing is made from comfortable, natural and water proof materials. The lines, simple and essential, and the colors, bright as accents, break up and enhance the basic color harmony. The trousers follow the BEAR man in every activity and need. The shapes are comfortable and up-to-date, while the raw and washed fabrics move the garment and make it eye-catching. Beachwear is the brand’s icon that brings the consumer who touches the boardshort back to the Bear shaper who knows all the secrets of the waves and the sea.