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Although the epidemiological emergency, and that of South Africa in particular, is worrying at the time of writing, we want to believe that the situation can improve and that we will return to travel with greater awareness of what a privilege it is to be able to do so.
When you ask a professional surfer which is the best destination for surfing, South Africa often appears in the first places. Searching on the atlas, hits you right away the vastness of this territory that boasts 3000 km of coasts overlooking the Atlantic ocean meets the Indian ocean. An incredible variety of nature that makes South Africa a magical place not only for surfers.

To orientate in this wide space we will list the best spots where to find amazing waves, starting from the east side. The area of Durban area has nothing to envy from the world famous J- Bay: it is an excellent choice for those seeking beach breaks, here you can find waves all year round but Winter time is the most prosperous period for waves generated by the swells from March to September.
Once past the city of Port Elizabeth, after an hour’s drive you reach one of the most sacred places for surf lovers: Jeffreys Bay, J-Bay as is known to all. Starting from the 60’s when this fisherman’s village has been reached by all the surf legends and pioneers who have found one of the best righthand in the world.
Still today the longest and most flawless righthand wave generated off Cape St Francis is ridden by top surfers from all over the world who compete in international competitions.
The J-Bay area offers many surf breaks as Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards, Super Tubes, Salad Bowls, Tubes, Points & Albatross.

Moving westward along the South Africa coast, Cape Agulhas is a fascinating place because it marks the border between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
In the Western Cape around the capital city, Cape Town, Dunes, Crans Beach Break, The Hoek, Off the Wall are spots suitable for intermediate or advanced surfers who can tame very rough waves. Not to mention that white sharks live in South African waters, so they pose a real threat for surfers. Many love to surf in Camps Bay and for those who love white sand beach and clear water, Llandudno is the right spot. While Long Beach is a popular spot with sandy beach and for all surfers, so it can be so crowded.
Finally north of Cape Town, the pointbreak of Elands Bay offers a lefthand wave for experienced surfers who want to grappling with barrels.
South Africa is a country that has made surfing history, and we want witness how special this country is for all those who love surfing.

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