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The 2022 world competitions have started under the sign of emotion. We all have before our eyes the embrace in the water between Seth Moniz and Kelly Slater, a powerful photo taken a few moments after the conclusion of the first stop of Championship Tour

At the Billabong Pro Pipeline Seth Moniz was beaten in the last heat by Kelly Slater – who won his 11th world title on the verge of his 50th birthday.

The young Hawaiian surfer was able to hold his own against the surfing legend and show how well he knows the perfect consistent Pipeline wave, having surfed Pipeline since he was a child.

It was really special just sharing a Final out there with him, it was an honor to surf against him and a big privilege for me to be out there with him” Seth Moniz said at the conclusion of the first event of the tour; Moniz is part of that generation of young surfers who find themselves competing with the legends, the myths they grew up with and whose professions they have always aspired to.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Moniz comes from a family of surfing talent, his father is the surfer Tony Moniz.

Having grown up riding the Hawaiian waves, Seth has already been able to show his fearless approach to surfing: watching him tackle the waves of the North Shore of Hawaii and do acrobatic maneuvers while riding waves is like seeing an aquatic animal in its natural habitat. It’s clear that this young professional surfer has acquired all those skills combined with the genetic talent of a family predisposed to surfing.

Seth has been competing as a professional since 2018 when he gave his all by qualifying for the next year’s Championship Tour. In a few years has therefore achieved excellent result it must be said that Moniz has not achieved excellent results in CT  if we exclude the heats finished with a good score and excluding the current year that has shown to have started with an extra grit.

Seth is showing everyone his talent, after competing in the final of the first stop, now he positioned at the fifth place of the world ranking.



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