San Onofre, not just a board but a state of mind!

di Erika Scafuro


Since you see the new Bear board, named San Onofre, a lot of things comes to your mind and every of these gives you the impulse to ride waves with it.
Born with the aim to let you live amazing days and to catch the perfect waves, you will rule this twin fin board thanks to its shape which allow you to go fast easily and gives you all you need to surf: balance, agility, maneuverability, responsiveness.

Inspired by one of the most popular beach in the United States, San Onofre, this board let you feel all the positive vibes that comes from California, the power of the Pacific Ocean and the energy of sun.
Located in San Diego County, south of San Clemente city, San Onofre Beach, was discovered as a surf spot around 1930’s by a group of surfers when, then unknown, it was frequented only by fishermen.

Since 1971 when San Onofre State Park was established by Presidental Decree, the popularity of San Onofre Beach increased always more, until it became famous wordwide and part of surf history thanks to legends as Lorrin “Whitey” Harrison, Tom Blake, Gard Chapin and Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, to name a few, who began to ride waves along its points break.

Nowdays over 2 million of visitors per year are attracted by San Onofre State Beach, surfers, campers, hikers, bikers, with its 5 km of sandy beach, its atmosphere and all the natural beauty that surrounds it, even if it does not go unnoticed the, no longer active, San Onofre Nuclear power plant. The landscape scenery consists of vegetation, natural trails that lead down to the beach, a shoreline of bluffs, overlooking the ocean, created by geologic processes.

It is fascinating to know that San Onofre it is also important in culture field, as it is the site of an ancient Native Americans village, named Panhe; to now it is considered a sacred place for the Acjachemen Indian people.
Being in San Onofre State Beach it is like to do a jump into the past before take steps forward, dipping the feet in the warm sand, and then dive into the ocean with a surf board, living the lifestyle and mood of this place. It means to watch a lot of surfers having fun around its different spots, swell conditions and breaks, suitable for every level.
It is in Trestles area that several pro surfers found the paradise, in Lower Trestles one of the best wave to ride.
The new San Onofre Bear board evokes the spirit of California, it’s not hard to imagine to be there. Don’t miss the opportunity to surf this dream.

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