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Thinking about Kai Lenny immediately comes to mind one of those gigantic waves that he surfs with extreme naturalness.
Atletes as Kai, who reach formidable goals, are always imagined on the peak of a big wave, so high and so unreachable.
Kai, who comes from the island of Maui and is son of two windsurfers, started to dedicate starts his career to windsurfing and then switch to stand up paddle surfing getting 8 world championships titles in the discipline.



Then he dedicated last years to tow – in – surfing and big wave surfing.
At the age of 28 years Kai has become one of the greatest watermen: windsurf, stand up paddle, surf, hydrofoil, tow-in surfing, kitesurf, there is no adrenaline activity that has to do with the ocean, the waves and the wind, that he did not try.
In 2019 Kai won WSL Big Wave Award for Men’s Best Overall Performance. In February 2020 he took the first place at Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge together with Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca; it’s amazing how they faced one of the biggest and dangerous wave on the planet.

2020 has been an amazing year: Kai confirmed to be the winner of the WSL Big Wave Award for Men’s Best Overall Performance and he won the Men’s XXL Biggest Wave award for his 70-foot wave ridden.
In Life of Kai, the Red Bull tv series shot in 2019 – 2020 winter season, he has shown himself travelling around the world focused on his goals and dreams, like become the best big wave surfer.

In the various episodes of Life of Kai we can see Kai training to the great challenge and listen this young man tell how he has found freedom in riding giant waves and how deep he feel the the connection with Mother Nature.
The series also shows another aspect of Kai, related to hydrofoil surfing (a surfboard with a super shape blade with a stabiliser and a front wing). Kai started to ride a foil board when he was 16 years and since that time he has always been interested in this type of experience and he reached extraordinary results. He holds the personal record for surfing on foil having rode consecutively 11 waves for 6 minutes. But not only, Kai paddled with hydrofoil across the Hawaii islands to raising awareness of the ocean pollution and beach cleanliness.
In the early 2020, while he was in Nazaré for the Tow Surfing Challenge, Kai tested for the first time his hydrofoil out into Nazaré waves, learned a lot about his technique. Kai’s experiences are undoubtedly epic.

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