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Once left the chaotic and folk Marrakech, surfers can start their adventure in Morocco, one of the ideal destinations for those who love surfing.
Tourism development has allowed Morocco to become a very popular country for foreign surfers. Plus mild temperatures, good wave conditions, locations well equipped and the hospitality of the locals make it a country reachable all year round.
The rental of a car is the best way to be free in the organization of your surf trip in the African country and to reach the different spots.



Surfers can find waves along all the Atlantic coast of Morocco during the best time, from October to April, when the wind generates long waves and light breezes for all levels of surfing.

Starting from the Northern part, north of Rabat the Mehdia Plage offers optimal surfing conditions: a beach break with waves that can reach three meters size. As well as Plage des Nations. While south of Rabat is to be mentioned Temara Plage where the best conditions to ride come with a Northwest swell combines with an East-southwest wind.

Continuing the trip in the Western central Morocco, in Safi area, there is a great surfing situation: the winds blow so powerful on the ocean forming the most beautiful waves of the world. As surf breaks there is Oualidia, a costal village famous for windsurf e kitesurf too. While Lalla Fatna area is known and frequented by surf champions from all over the world.

In southern Morocco there are various opportunities for surfing lovers. Of course Essaouira is the most known place: just before the center of the city, a beach break is frequented by surfers and windsurfers. But are the surroundings of Essaouira to make your surftrip really special.
As Sidi Kaouki a very small village just equipped to welcome surfers with few shops, surf house and equipment rentals. This place is so magical: the wild and sandy beach, great waves, the good vibes for all who want to surf until the sunset sessions.



Since ‘70s Taghazout, a fisherman village close to Agadir, is considered one of the best destinations for surfing both for beginners and advanced. Around the village there are several surf breaks as Hash Point, Panoramas, Anchor Point, La Source.
Tamraght is another unmissable stop of your surftrip in Morocco.
Crossing Morocco by car also means combining fun for surfing with the pleasure of adventure and discover changing landscapes as the view with the Atlas Mountains in the background, wild beaches and desert.
A breathtaking road, along a stunning landscape overlooking the ocean, leads to Mirleft. This is the right place to meet surfing lovers: here everything belongs to surf world. The wild coast of Mirleft benefits from constant swell, the area is never too crowded, in addition you can choose various spots as Aglou Plage, Sidi Ifni.
Morocco is a country that will amaze you, it is one of the most amazing countries for those who love surfing.




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