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If you don’t know him yet, open your Instagram account and type in @joeaaron__ to find the most elegant longboarder. Joe Aaron, from Capistrano Beach – California, is in fact a surfer with great skills in creating acrobatics while riding the waves with his longboard. You can see him holding onto the longboard with one hand upside down, balancing on the nose, twisting his body in a particular way and more.

His great skills don’t just stop at surfing as he is a full time artist and his artworks are imbued of personality and passion. Joe Aaron works with his brother Jordan “on each piece of art. We create Sculptures and Paintings together. We are better known as the JoJo Bros and you can see our body of work at”. Stocked by his style we asked Joe to answer some questions.




Is your style influenced by someone or something?
«My style was influence early on when I was around 11 years old by a few of our sports legends like David Nuuhiwa and Billy Hamilton. Then from the newer generation, Cody Simpkins inspired me a lot with his approach».


How did you learn to do these types of acrobatics?
«I just kept experimenting with new moves and eventually through trial and error, figured out what worked. Practice pays off».


How do you train your body to move so sinuously?
«I don’t really do any specific training but I do eat as healthy as I can and take care of my body by staying active ».




Do you come from a family of surfers?
«My Dad was a avid surfer and pretty much all of my siblings surf. My Brother Jordan is a very good surfer too and pushes me all the time to be better».

Magazines have dedicated covers and articles to you, what is the message you want to communicate through your style?

«I want people to feel inspired when they see my style of surfing. It’s another artistic expression for me and something I’ve never let the critics change. The best surfing comes from a creative free spirit».

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