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Surfing is not the first thing Japan is associated with, yet this sport is very popular in Japan which offers a variety of locations to practice it.
We are used to thinking of Japan with densely populated cities and as a super-technological country which runs faster and faster than the others. Yet nature and adventure lovers find here a land where nature has been very generous.
Surfers should consider the idea of a surftrip to Japan where you can ride all year round also if the best season, that coincides with the arrival of typhoons is from August to October.



Once in Tokyo you can easily reach by train the Prefecture of Chiba where Shidashita beach can offer the best surf experience, its waves are considered remarkable. In Chiba there are several places loved by surfers such as Ichinomiya, Onjuku and Wada beaches.
South of Tokyo you cannot miss Kanagawa, of which many remember the famous wave represented from the Japanese artist Hokusai.
Shizuoka is offers some beach surf spots, as Shirahama, good for beginners and advanced.

The waves of the Pacific Ocean which crash on the coast of the south part of the Tokushima Prefecture attract local surfers and from all over the world: the district of Kaifu is so famous for its breaking wave on the mouth of the river that international surfing competitions take place here.
Even further south of the country we find another known place to surf in Japan: on the Island of Kyushu there is Miyazaki, which gives the name to the homonymous Prefecture and has a 300 kilometers coast where surfing is the watchword. Here you will find most of the activities that work with the world of surfing and of course surfers find a lot of fun here.

The waves, coming from the east, north and south, can be ridden both by beginners and advanced surfers. Your surf trip in the Miyazaki area can start from the northernmost part. In Okuragahama you can get familiar with your surfboard thanks for the beach breaks.



Nichinan area, south of Miyazaki city, is the ideal stage of your surftrip if you like less touristic places, to admire a landscape made of mountains overlooking the ocean and to choose between different surf points and beaches as Ibii, Shoujuen, Umegahama, Kojima.
At the end is impossibile not to mention Shikoku, the smallest of the main islands of Japan. It is considered the best place to live a surf experience in Japan thanks for the great rivermouths waves.
The Japanese country is an ideal destination for all lovers of surfing, adventure and nature.

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