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Do you want to see a happy surfer outside the water next to a Christmas tree? Then you need to follow our suggestions for the best gifts to give, or give to yourself, to all surfing enthusiasts.

The products of our catalog are able to please everyone, from the most experienced surfers to those who are just getting into the sport, from adults to children. Read this article carefully and then click on the shop on our site, we assure you that you will no longer have any doubts about what to give to your favorite surfer!


  • Among the most appreciated and best gifts you can give a surfer is, of course, one of our hand shaped surfboards. Big Wednesday fans can’t get a better gift: Atomic or Cosmic are our iconic longboards. Give or treat yourself to a longboard model that resumes Bear heritage and that leaves room for your creativity in the water by allowing you to classic maneuvers and noseriding. But if you’re a shortboard surfer, you can choose your favorite model from all the ones we have in our catalog as Little Fish, Wombat, San Onofre. High-performance, versatile, fast, they are the perfect mate with which to have fun in the waves, pick up speed and surf along the lines in pure California style.



  • Skateboard. Being able to replicate the movements of surfing while skating on the road or ramps is a prerogative of every surfer. Do you want to give an original gift? Our Bear Skateboards are! With our handmade skateboards surfers can find the adrenaline of the waves, going down roads at full speed.



  • Inflatable Sup. Absence of waves? No problem! A true surfer is an all-around lover of the sea and to keep yourself in training in flat sea conditions, the ideal is to sail out with our inflatable sup. We guarantee there is no better exercise for your muscles, and most importantly, what could be better than being able to enjoy the sea in any condition?



  • Clothing. Whether for a hoodie, t-shirt, jacket, or shorts, dress up our clothing will make anyone who receives it as a gift happy! Wear such a Bear clothing means to immerse yourself in pure Californian look. Bear Surfboards clothing creates the identity of the perfect outdoor man.



  • Accessories. Even a small present such as a beanie, a cap, a pair of socks, a water bottle…represents a mark of Bear’s spirit. A Bear accessory is always by your side to give you an adventure, for young and old.

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