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A sunny day, two-three feet smooth waves: Malibu welcomed with its classical conditions and good vibes the world’s best longboard surfers for the finals of WSL Longboard Tour with the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship.

With the succession of Men’s and Women’s heats, it quickly became clear who would continue to hold the stage. Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship completed on 5th October with the win of Harrison Roach and Soleil Errico, for their respective categories.

The Australian Harrison Roach indeed led the competition, scoring the highest number of points during the heats. He defeated fellow competitor Cole Robbins in the quarterfinals and Taylor Jensen in the semifinals, both from the United States. In the final he played it out with Hawaiian Kaniela Stewart, among the favorites in the victory. Harrison Roach had also won the title at the first event of the 2022 WSL Longboard Tour, right in his own country, Australia.

The Women’s World Longboard Champion Soleil Errico achieved victory on the shores of Malibu where she started surfing. The young U.S. surfer, who had already won a WSL Longboard title in 2018, scored highest in both the quarterfinals and semifinals, ultimately challenging the Hawaiian Sophia Culhane.

Bear Surfboards surfer João Dantas, also took part in the final event of the WSL Longboard Tour. Although he did not achieve the result he had hoped for, he fulfilled his dream of representing his country – Portugal – as the best longboarder in the world. We asked him for a report on this experience.


The WSL Longboard Tour ended. How did you experience this final event? What’s about Malibu vibes?

This last event was very special to me. I knew I need a good result to re qualify for next year but I tried to not think about that and just enjoy the most I could the experience of being in Malibu and surfing with a couple more guys in the water. Malibu is the definition of the the perfect longboard wave. I’ve done some of the best waves in my life only in one session. It’s very special even if so crowded”.



Bear Surfboards supported you throughout the whole WSL tour and in Malibu his crew was there close to you. What did that mean to you?

I’m just grateful to have Bear family by my side. Having them here supporting me made me feel super good. I’m very grateful!”.

Did competing on the WSL tour lead you to discover something about yourself that you didn’t know? What advice would you give yourself to tackle the upcoming WSL tour?

The WSL tour was my dream from a long time. Achieving a dream you have is always special and something to be proud for. I’ve learned that all the hard work pays of when the time comes. Don’t quite, and trust yourself”.



What’s next?

“I’m always looking for what’s coming next. Only time will tell! Let’s see where the wind blows and swell goes ahah but I’m excited to see what’s coming

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