Get ready for your surf trip

Plane tickets: check. Surfboard: got it. Enthusiasm: oh yeah. Luggage: ah, wait, was I supposed to…?!
Don’t get to your surf trip unprepared: follow Bear suggestions!

It’s almost time to go. You have planned this surf trip for the entire winter, and now it’s only a few weeks away. There are some things you can do while waiting for the takeoff, apart from dreaming with your eyes open: think about what to put in your suitcase!

Surf trip packing list

You might have already travelled in your life, so you probably know Traveler Rule n° 1: you think about what to put in your suitcase weeks before the departure, your brain quickly deletes the information and, on the due date, you find out you don’t even have a suitcase.
Not this time! This time, we’re here to help you out: read this handy guide aloud and we’ll make sure that the information sticks to your brain as long as needed!

1) Without-this-you-are-screwed items
There are a few things you must not absolutely forget.

  • First of all, documents. Check if your passport is still valid, print your boarding pass, take your credit cards and your driver’s license.
  • Money: bring local money and, as your parents have already told you hundreds of times, don’t pack it all in the same place. Don’t do it, seriously, come on: it’s time to listen to your folks.
  • Finger crossed, you’ll have no problems at all, and you’ll enjoy your holiday. But in case of any emergency, make sure you have your medical prescriptions with you and a contact list of useful phone numbers.
  • You live, sleep and eat together with your beloved smartphone. What happens if you forget your charger (and adapter) at home? I tell you what: no pictures, no endless scrolling, no contacts with people at home… wait. Maybe it’s better if you leave them behind!
  • Surf gear: you don’t want to go to a surf tip without your gear, right? Then, make sure you pack surfboard, fins, fin key, wax, wax combs, wetsuit, booties…

2) You-probably-can-make-it items
At this point, your suitcase is half full and your brain half dead. Don’t give up and read on!
The following list include the things you need but that are not strictly necessary for your survival, or that you can at least buy somewhere.

  • Either you live near the seaside, and you are used to the sun, or you won’t get through the first days on the beach without a sunscreen. Buy one, and make sure that it’s water proof!
  • You will not wear your wetsuit all day long, so you need clothes. Bring something comfy for your workout sessions and something classy for your drink sessions! And… don’t forget flip flops!
  • Toiletries: lotions, toothpaste, toothpicks, shampoo, make up removal… You want to look all clean and pretty, don’t you?
  • If you’re travelling to an English-speaking destination, you won’t need one. If that’s not the case, put a -insert language- phrase book in your suitcase. By learning some common phrases and words, you’ll win the locals’ respect.

3) Your-brain-has-stopped-paying-attention-items
Ok, now your suitcase is totally full and your brain completely disconnected. If you find some strength and some space left, try and put these things in the most obscure corners of your luggage!

  • Who knows if you’ll have time to read between one surfing session and one night out. Still, we think you should bring at least one good book with you. You know, to kill boredom. Or a mosquito.
  • Play cool with a pair of sunglasses and a collection of hats: they are trendy and extremely handy when the temperatures are higher than expected.
  • If you suffer from ear diseases or if water in your ears makes you go crazy, don’t forget ear plugs for surfing.

Now that you’re all set, keep on dreaming with your eyes open!

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