When nature meets man. Bear takes you on an extraordinary journey into wild places, a winter mountain landscape: a snowy forest, a frozen river, a chalet are the places where the Man FW 2021 collection was shot.

Valle Stura, Valle Vermenagna and Valle Varaita in Piedmont, Italy, were the perfect set to stage the new photographic and video contents for the FW 2021 collection of clothing and accessories. A project by Photomaio Production that involved filmmakers and all the crew of Bear Surfboards in five short videos, a story in which the stunning images of nature, together with Bear’s models, the emotions and values of the brand are underlined also through the copywriting by Erika Scafuro.

The FW 2021 collection is a journey that in addition to being outdoor exploration is also an inner journey in which to find themselves. The Bear Surfboards man never get tired of exploring and he is always ready for new adventures where find nature as a shelter and the warmth of friendship.

Jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, trousers, shirts, beanies are the best companions for any experience in winter scenarios. The classic colors of the brand are added to the shades that recall the woods as cypress, beech, jungle green and mistletoe.
Wearing the new FW 2021 collection and living you passions, be spectators of the magic of nature. Wherever you are, always be ready for the call of the sea.