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His magnetic gaze shows all the desire to achieve great goals. Filipe Toledo is one of the young talents who represents professional surfing in the world.



He is demonstrating it since 2013 when he has entered to compete in the WSL Championship Tour and especially in the last years in which he keeps himself in the top positions in the world ranking, it is currently in third place.
Born and raised in Ubatuba, a oceanside town near São Paulo of Brazil, Filipe has followed in the footsteps of his father Ricardo who was a surfing champion in the Nineties. Genetics is not enough to become one of the best surfers in the world and in fact Filipe, with his strong personality, continuously demonstrates his hunger for victory and competition among the waves.

From the moment his career took off, Filipe has dedicated his entire life to surfing, even making the decision to move with his family, his beloved wife and kids, to California.
The high performances of the Brazilian pro surfer are evident to all, his technique, his ability with maneuvers and the naturalness with which he faces the tubes, show all the passion of this young 26 year old.
His most recent victory, with the first place obtained at the Jeep Surf Ranch Pro by Adobe, confirms Filipe’s constancy and commitment in achieving excellent results during the championship.


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The Brazilian pro surfer has never hidden the downs of what may seem like a beautiful life. Being a world championship athlete is a tough test not only physically, but also mentally: it takes you to be on the road all the time, away from family and affections, under the pressure of competitions and to be constantly in the spotlight.
In 2019, ather the victory at Oi Rio Pro event, Toledo told about his ups and downs he often went through very difficult phases where he had to deal with mental health. The greatness of a pro surfer manifests too in not hiding the frailties and in talking about such important issues that involve everyone.

Now that there are still two events left to know who will be the 2021 World Champion, Toledo is determined to tackle the last races to end the year with great results. We are ready to cheer the young Brazilian surfing talent.

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