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Surely, during the Summer, you have noticed the inflatable stand up paddle of Bear Surfboards with Safe brand and so many people to have fun with it. Today the sea is full of people who stand up paddle and more and more people are approaching this discipline among water sports.

The origin of the stand up paddle is certainly old, as it has always been a part of ancient surfing culture in Hawaii islands when local people used to use long boards with paddles to move on the surface of the ocean.
But it was at the beginning of 2000 that stand up paddle, as we know it today, was born and developed. The big wave surfers Dave Kalama e Laird Hamilton, on Maui island, are among those who first mixed surf with canoe using their longboards to stand and paddle.

From that moment more and more people practice this sport that has had an exponential growth. The reason is simple: it is an activity suitable for everyone that combines fun and love for the sea, the possibility to train the whole body. From the point of view of fitness, in fact, the stand up paddle allows you to give more strength to muscle, do breathing exercise, improve the balance and your body skills.



To do stand up paddle you can use either a rigid or inflatable board, this depends on the sea conditions, the personal skills of each and the time you want to invest in this activity. Everyone can choose which stand up paddle discipline suits: sup racing, sup wave or sup yoga, sup touring.
When you say that stand up paddle is a sport suitable for everyone, is it really so. Who doesn’t love exploring the beauty of the coast from the perspective of the sea, discovering coves or beaches that can only be reached from the sea, but above all doing it in a sustainable way? You can do it with the inflatable stand up paddle Bear that is an all around board, it means that you can use it both for do hiking and catching waves.
There are many ways to fall in love with stand up paddle and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to do it.

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