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By Erika Scafuro   Connection is surely one of the most overused words in our dictionary, but Nick Pescetto has decided to decline it in its best version. In fact, at...

By Erika Scafuro


Connection is surely one of the most overused words in our dictionary, but Nick Pescetto has decided to decline it in its best version. In fact, at this stage of his life the famous content creator, has decided to connect with himself and nature, simplifying his life as much as possible.

Surfing is definitely one of the cornerstones of his personal map of connections, what connects Nick to the sea.


Nick Pescetto on the beach


Among the projects with Bear Surfboards there is the short film ‘Bora, which shows the values of discovery, adventure, sharing, and friendship in the name of a genuine passion for surfing. Can you tell us about this experience?

I really liked it because we shot in a place I had never seen before, the south of Portugal. And then it was nice because I worked together with guys from different countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy) and with Italian creatives that I already knew. In my opinion Photomaio Production did a nice job on the production because they managed to pull a story out of that week spent creating content: the voice over, the connection between us and the sea, so it was nice. It was a good starting point, I hope there can be many more to come”.


Nick Pescetto surfing a wave


Surfing in a word, what is it for you?

 “It’s always changing for me. Now I would say – connection – both with the sea and with myself”.


Through your work you travel to wonderful places where nature shows its best. Is there among all of them a place to which you feel particularly fond of and why?

I am becoming more and more detached from a particular place. Maybe until recently I could say Bali, Indonesia, because in the past it changed me. However, it is not a place to which I am fond of; in fact, I almost don’t need to go there now because it was what it was in the past. I want to get into the philosophy that the ideal place is the place where I am now, that is, always in the present moment. So there is no specific one, it is always any place”.


You inspire many young people who follow your content. Where, and in what, do you find inspiration instead?

I find inspiration in different areas, I read a lot both in more spiritual areas, about meditation, and storytelling, so people, adventures, biographies. I also get a lot of inspiration through sports and stories of people who have done something special in sports. I find inspiration from nature, observing. And also doing yoga, meditation, it helps me discover more about myself”.



Nick pescetto surfing a waveNick pescetto surfing a waveNick pescetto surfing a waveNick pescetto surfing a waveNick pescetto surfing a waveNick pescetto surfing a wave


About a year ago you launched the Your Creative Academy project, an academy dedicated to the best Italian creators. What is the main skill you want to find in the people selected?

Resourcefulness definitely. I don’t care so much about the level of the content, but what motivation is behind it and why they want to get there. For example, I recently hired an eighteen-year-old guy who makes some good content, but he amazed me more by the fact that he uploaded so many videos and told me several times that he wants to improve. He did it in a very professional way, showing his work before many words. Many people sometimes write a lot of things, even nice things, but you can tell right away that it’s done a bit for show. Instead, people who speak more with facts are the ones I appreciate the most”.


Lately we’ve seen you surfing with Little Fish, the latest twinfin from Bear Surfboards. What impressed you most about this surfboard?

I like it so much because twinfin in general is a surfboard that almost forces me to surf cleaner and less nervous, to make the lines to pick up speed and keep it on the wave. I have to be more relaxed to have a higher performance. I’ve pretty much only been using twinfin and surfboards like that for two years now, so I surf in a more relaxed way. It really helps me to understand the wave itself, with the lines and also be more creative in the way I surf and how I move my body”.


Nick pescetto surfing a wave


Our generation is more aware of the importance of personal growth paths, you often give reading recommendations or food for thought. How do you find the balance between the speed at which contemporary life travels and the need for authentic living?

There has to be some compromise. Everyone has to find it. Life goes very fast especially in the work I do. More than talking about fast life is really the opportunities that are there. And we are conveyed that we can do anything. I myself, in the past, used to talk about this all the time, saying that you can get where you want, achieve any dream. But then when we have all these possibilities available to us, it is so difficult to figure out which path to take. So rather than getting stimulated by all these inputs that we have now from social, TV, news, people’s stories…we should almost limit ourselves to actually doing what we like. So in all the flow of information coming in now it’s not so much where we find the information or the stimuli, but which ones we can select. Which ones are beneficial to what we want to do. It’s more a matter of selecting, limiting and simplifying instead of adding. This is the challenge”.


Your name is linked with extreme sports that you still practice. Is there still something left that you would like to experiment in?

“On sports I tie in with the point I just made. I’ve always fallen into the trap of wanting to do as many sports as possible, kind of in the end it’s like an escape. Of wanting more, wanting to give almost certainties to oneself. I’ve played a lot of sports, I still play a lot of sports. I try to simplify, though. For example, yesterday I started playing guitar. Now I prefer to do simpler things. I want to practice more yoga, how to play guitar, do meditation…I want to do simpler things because doing complicated things is almost easier; it seems like such a far away goal that we aspire to it more. Instead, we take simple things for granted, and that’s something I’ve never done, to value them.  I’m undertaking on this path”.


What will be your upcoming work projects?

Now I’m working a lot on the Academy: we’ve expanded the team, I’ve hired new guys who edit, I also have to follow up on a new launch that we’re doing in November. I’m dedicating myself to that. Then I have other projects with brands, as far as content creation and promotion on various networks. And then I would like to relaunch my digital products, my photography presets. There is so much to work on, in fact I have a team of more than 10 people. By simplifying my life I can have a little bit more perseverance on the content I would like to share and communicate”.




Nick Pescetto in front of a wave



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