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If you are a big wave surfer probably on your wish list, if you have not already done so, there is surfing the Teahupo’o wave.
Even if in this period the trips are limited, we can still write down the next ones that we will do as soon as the travels will be allowed again. So why not think of this wave which is the symbol of surfers?
In the islands of the south Pacific Ocean nature has been generous, the scenario that is outlined is fabulous: a landscape of enchanting colors, the light that makes a lush jungle shine close to the ocean, the crystalline water that outlines bays and lagoons, not to mention the colors when you dive and meet the coral reef. The ideal of paradise is undoubtedly at home here. The village of Teahupo’o is located in the south part of the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia and it is a worlwide famous surf spot known to all lovers of adventures among the waves.



Not waves for all, but only for pro and experienced surfers able to tame a giant and scary wave because Teahupo’o, a left hand reef break, is one of the most dangerous. The strength of the power of the mass of water combined to the coral reef can be complicated even for those who are experienced in surfing.
The best conditions to ride Teahupo’s is from April to October, when the swell comes from south and the wind blows from the north or north-east. An explosive combination that generates this simply perfect wave in its immensity.

Certainly for the bravest and most skillful riding the wall of Teahupoo represents an epic moment, a challenge against nature. As did the big wave surfer Laird Hamilton on August 17 2000 when in Tehaupo’o he rode what has been called the wave of millenium, one of the heaviest and nastiest waves. Surfer magazine dedicated the cover to Hamilton, a crazy photo as he accomplished this extraordinary feat.
It is no coincidence that the Teahupo’o wave is one of the waves on which the pro surfers of the WSL championship compete every year. The greatest surfing legends have ridden this wave and for the 2021 Championship Tour Tehaupo’o returns to be a stop on the Women’s Championship Tour as well.
Even Hollywood did not miss the perfect Tehaupo’o tubes and so, in 2014, stuntman, locals and big wave surfers shot some scenes of the sequel of Point Break movie.

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