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The spotlight can only rest on Conner Coffin, the American pro surfer who concluded the 2021 championship tour in fourth place in the world ranking.



Native of Santa Barbara, California, Conner grew up with his younger brother, Parker, sharing with him the dream of becoming professional surfers. A dream realized by believing in it, pushing hard and building a humble and healthy attitude to surfing, as learned from his mentors watched since he was a kid: Conner has told several times how, ever since he was ten years old, he studied surfers as Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez catch the waves in the same point breaks of Conner.


That child has grown do what he loves, surfing, and without ever abandoning his smile has built his career as a professional surfer. Conner took part in the first season of Men Qualifying Series in 2008 and he made his Championship Tour debut in 2016; he ended the 2018 season with a seven place. 2021 has been an incredible year for him achieving such a remarkable accomplishment earning fourth place in the world ranking. Conner did an excellent performance at Rip Curl WSL Finals 2021 where he competed in the heat against Filipe Toledo. Lower Trestles, the location of the which saw Conner earn a spot in the top 5 of the world’s best surfers, is a very familiar spot to Conner who has surfed here since he was a child.

This promising 1993 man has always kept his motivation high as well as his goals of being part of the Championship Tour in which he committed with dedication.
Before being a pro surfer Conner traveled so much around the world haunting waves to ride and he also enjoyed shooting some videos with his brother and friends, such as Highline – a short film about a surf trip to South Africa.
Conner devotes himself also to his big passion of music, it is part of his life such as surfing. When he’s not on top of the surfboard, you’ll find him strumming his guitar. In a very serious way since he released his first ep, Conner Coffin & Friends, in 2018: it is a collection of six songs that are part of his personal soundtrack and that Conner reinterpreted.
A positive mindset, a good personality, a smile and a flair for creativity: Conner Coffin without losing the qualities that make him a pro surfer who loves to surf.


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