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Peru is the country where everything is possible: climbing the high peaks of the Andes, traveling through the rainforests of the Amazon, riding the waves of the South Pacific. And yes, because with more than 3000 km of pristine coastline, Peru is one of the destinations that every surfer should include on his bucket list.

There are many surf spots along the Peruvian coast that offer all kinds of breaks to wave enthusiasts. Plus the scenery is beautiful, the beaches are paradisiacal, the weather is almost sunny and during Summer, from October to March, you can find the best conditions of water and outside temperature. Everything is perfect to enjoy a surf trip in Peru. So let’s start therefore to the discovery of the country, of its northern part that offers waves all year round.

Close to Trujillo, in the north of the country, Playa Chicama is famous worldwide for its longest left wave. The force with which the swells fall, generate barrels that surfers can ride for almost two minutes! Chicama has a sand point which is good for all the level of surfing. If you are looking for an alternative to Chicama, you find left and long waves in Pacasmayo and in Punta Huanchaco too. The latter has even been named World Surfing Reserve.

If you are an advanced surfer you can try the Peruvian Pipeline, Cabo Blanco, which offers a fast left-handed barrel. Other recommended spots are El Hueco, Lobitos, a popular left -handed pointbreak, and Máncora, a very crowded spot being an attractive tourist.
In the central, around the capital Lima and southern part of Peru, we can name some of the most popular spots which have the best conditions I south-west swell and north -east wind: Punta Roquitas, Barranquito, Waikiki, Redondo. La Herradura is the best point break in Lima.

Punta Hermosa is known for its big waves as Pico Alto, where you can ride the biggest waves of South America; only for advanced surfers of course!
A curiosity of Peru concerns the possibility of surfing on sand dunes. How? In the oasis of Huacachina it is possible, with suitable surfboards, to ride this hill of fine sand as if you were on the ocean; an experience without doubt to try for all wave enthusiasts.

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