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Costa Rica lacks nothing: mountains, volcanoes, rainforests, paradise beaches, natural reserves, national parks, waterfalls and marine oases. And also surfing waves, of course. Its coasts face the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east.
Costa Rica is the right destination for those who want to practice outdoor sports, but also have moments of relax in deep connection with nature. Pura vida is the typical greeting of this island, a slogan that suggests that Costa Rica is the right place to fully experience all that it has to offer.

Here where surfing is made even more special by the warm water, you can surf from any part of the coastline as you can find more than 50 surf spots all equipped with facilities for surfers, schools, courses, rental surfboards.
What are the best places to surf in Costa Rica? most of these are located along the Pacific coast in the northwest of the country.


In the north- west area of the island, Guanacaste coast which covers part of the Península de Nicoya, gives you a unique surfing experience, surrounded by palms sheltering from the sun, white sand beaches and the blue shades of the ocean. Tamarindo is the right place to start your surf trip in Costa Rica where find good waves, you can choose its spots as Playa Tamarindo and, for advanced surfers, Playa Grande and Playa Langosta.
Playa Guiones is suitable for all types of surfing and, thanks to its sand seabed, guarantees easy and safe waves for everyone. Playa Santa Teresa is a beach break too, it is a spot so famous so is very popular and therefore very crowded.

In the central area of Costa Rica, the city of Jacò is well known between surfers, its namesake beach is great for beginners.
Playa Pavones is famous because for its legendary wave: here you can surf one of the longest waves in the world, a left that you can ride for almost two minutes!
On the side of the Caribbean Sea, in Puerto Viejo, Salsa Brava suits to experienced surfers for the presence of the coral reef and remarkable waves.
Several surf spots, unspoiled nature, paradisiacal landscapes, breaks suitable for various levels of surfing, warm water…Costa Rica is the right place to enjoy surfing!

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