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At the age of 22 Brisa Hennessy is currently the first pro surfer in the Women’s global ranking; last February she gained her first Championship Tour victory at Hurley Pro Sunset Beach in Oahu, the second stop of Women’s Championship Tour. «I have no words, I’ve dreamed about this moment but I never thought it was possible. To all those people that supported me, I did it» so commented in conclusion of the event that allowed her to celebrate the triumph by waving the flag of Costa Rica, the country in which she was born in 1999 but also the country that celebrates its first CT win with a native surfer.

Costa Rica is not the only country dear to Brisa as there are two of the best surf breaks in the world where he still spends most of her time: the first is the island of Oahu, where she moved at 8 years, so it is not all that surprising that she was able to dominate the powerful waves of the island of Oahu while competing in the Tour; the second is Namotu island, in Fiji, where her family manage a little resort and so Brisa can train surfing the tubes of these islands.

Brisa is one of those surfers whose talent has met genetics, she is in fact the daughter of two surf instructors and she has soon achieved her goal of becoming a professional surfer and surfing against her idols.

Since 2018, when Brisa qualified for the WSL Championship Tour, Brisa has shown that she is ripe for top-level competition. In 2019 she 2019 concluded all events by placing almost always in the top ten, reconfirming these results also in 2021 when she has also qualified to represent Costa Rica at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, she was one the five athletes of the country.

As for her interests and passions besides surfing, the constant traveling from one country to another has made Brisa an avid traveler who still, outside of the Tour, spends a variety of time between Hawaii, Costa Rica and Fiji, this last one is where she also spent the lockdown when the Covid pandemic broke out. It was especially in this period that Brisa dedicated herself to her other great passion, cooking; she then opened his own YouTube channel, Breezy Cooking, where she uploaded videos of healthy recipes and food experiences.

With a face always smiling, a positive attitude and the good balance between competition and private life, Brisa inspires little girls to go surfing and maybe become the next surfers to compete with her.


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