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Flat sea and wave nostalgia? No problem because a surfer always finds a solution. Do you remember the protagonists of the cult movie Lords of Dogtown? A summer of drought, a ban on wasting water, no big swells, and the conditions were in place to create what would become a California first phenomenon, the skateboarding. Today there is no need to do like the actors in the movie, which was inspired by a true story anyway, and go in search of empty swimming pools in villas to use them as ramps and training with maneuvers and jumps.



There where there is a surfboard, there is a skateboard too. Skateboard becomes a surfer’s second faithful friend: it is with it that we can train our bodies to be more fluid, find the balance, follow the flow of curves as the flow of the waves and, as we glide along the tarmac, feel that freedom we feel when we do surfing. There are various models of skateboards, but for those looking for a good workout for surfing, there are surfskates. Have you tried Bear Surfboards models yet? Visit our page where you can find our handmade skateboards. Three models of which Matt Johnson a cruiser, Jack Barlow and Skate Leroy two cruiser & surfskates (iconic since the names that have been associated with them, of course!).



Bear Surfboards’ skateboards are very practical skateboards, suitable for city use and with a design that requires the deck to tilt to give the sensation of being on a surfboard. For this reason surfskates are indispensable for every self-respecting surfer. They are also useful as a means of getting around because they are practical and have soft and stable wheels that allow them to be used on any type of terrain.

A surfskate is absolutely what allows you to have an experience more similar to surfing, but on hard surfaces.

So don’t despair for the absence of big swells, in the meantime you can have fun training with a surfskate. Take it everywhere with you and use every moment to move to the rhythm of the waves…on the road.


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